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Why choose hype software?

hype is smarter, faster and easier to use

hype is developed to facilitate your business
New generation interface
Mobile app for tracking the business remotely
24/7 support
We support all operating systems
Automatic orders (SOON)

Migrating is easier than you think

After a general meeting, presentation of hype software and signing of a contract the steps are:

1. Specifying the parameters of the hardware in the location - computer, monitor, brand and model of cash register/s, brand and model of printer/s

2. Installation of hype software at a convenient time – the installation is free, it takes about 1 hour and is performed on site by us. Here is what happens:

Option 1

The computer remains the one you are currently working with - we export the information from the old software and import it into hype software. Once installed in the restaurant on your main computer, we can also install the software on a laptop or other desktop computer to fill in other information remotely without interrupting the work in the restaurant.

Option 2

If a new computer is purchased - it is placed in the restaurant, we install hype software and all other steps are the same - again we do not prevent employees from working, once we are ready with the configuration we can start working and we give remote access.

*Both options are the same as processes, the only difference is whether we will install on your current computer or on a new one.

We also offer the service of entering your products, recipes, employees, warehouses and creating virtual tables and saloons in hype software - this can be done by us, without having you to commit, without interrupting yours or the work of your employees.


On the day of the installation (or other convenient time) we organize free training for all employees, as training the waiters takes less than 3 minutes.


For any questions you can contact our 24/7 support at any time without having to pay extra, it is included in the monthly fee.